Be a blessing for each other

Dear members, friends and enthusiasts!

Aubzl-GF0oFQdT8SxEr80GzC98ZBKqWthpqOyyiEXrPv (1)The water project is finished and now the water flows. We are very grateful that it was possible for us by the received donations to finance this project. What a celebration it was in Ndiokonkwo, when the priest blessed the arrangement.

In addition there are more pictures hier.


Father Angelo has on his home vacation of course also presented the children. We could give him in addition some pictures.

If we look in the eyes of the children beaming with deligt. What a pleasure.

f285ee02-7f9f-4f89-a75c-fa06fe9344aaWe can also support the School thanks to the donations over and over again. Thus we have also included in the plan this year again to make available a sum to the school to Easter. We would likt to return this help also to Easter to the priest seminarists. We would be glad if we are supported in this plan.

Apu9krd6RfM9YN7DGrl9sFqjIyE515yGRUmKHyDVkmLxOn the 01.12.2015  the construction of the health centre started. Also there supporting hands are searched.

The seminarists, the schoolboys and all inhabitants of Ndiokonkwo include everybody in her prayers, who is helping .

Yes, we are for each other a blessing!

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